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cock fighting game tell me what ya think…….

oh the objective of the game is to see who cums first……. this will be fun lol 
ok this is how u play the game.
we jerk off for ten seconds then we stop. we put both are hands behind are backs, and with are cocks hard we rub them one agains the other. the one that cums first wins. 
is only one on one and if u put ur hands on ur cock u lose or who u are playing with. 
this is just a ideal let me know what u think and if u would do it and what would u add or change about it lol…

Anonymous asked: big dick bi guy here who is always in NY. You can contact me through my flickr site if you're interested in getting together!

i dont see ur flick account it saids that u not there but u can contact me at blwyou1 @ gmail

Anonymous asked: Is there an email I can send pics to if I can't upload on this blog?

Yes there is blwyou1@gmail . Com and if u have any dick pics from friends or ppl u know send them too